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One Laptop Per Child Project Hit With More Delays

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Production of the XO, the One Laptop Per Child project’s computer for children, has been delayed again. The Chinese factory that’s producing the laptops was originally supposed to begin production this month, but last minute bugs have delayed the production launch until November 12 according to a Reuters report.

The delay means that the OLPC project may have trouble filling orders placed as part of its Give 1 Get 1 program in which buyers in the West could buy two XOs for $400, with one for themselves and the second machine going to a poor child overseas. The program is set to launch November 12 and will be available through the 26th, but the new production woes may delay the arrival date for both recipients.
One Laptop Per Child Project Hit With More Delays
In other OLPC news, Microsoft is reportedly struggling with its program to develop a version of Windows that will run on the XO. Reuters quotes Microsoft Corporate Vice President Will Poole as saying “We’re working hard. But we’re still at least a few months away.” Microsoft hasn’t released pricing details for an XO compatible version of Windows, but one assumes it would be cheap or possibly free.

Given the low power consumption and paltry storage capacities of the XO, it’s hardly surprising the Microsoft is having trouble.


Get a Laptop

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

NOw u see why many people loved to get a laptop.

Wii Laptop

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

It’s the Wii laptop! We spent the last few weeks (including much time spent over the holidays evading relatives) slaving over this bad boy and finally it’s complete. Check out the features: * 16:9 widescreen LCD, 7-inch diagonal. * Stereo sound * Gamecube controller port * Built-in short range Sensor Bar * Ports for using original Sensor Bar and A/V output jacks (for use on external display) * Built-in power supply and compartment for power cord * Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.7 x 2-inches

Starting next Tuesday we’ll be doing a multi-part How-To with detailed instructions for building your own Wii laptop, as well as loads of photos of the construction process. But for now check out the gallery for more detailed photos of the unit, and click on to see some video of the Wii laptop in action.

Company laptop losses and thefts prevalent in UK

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Two thirds of UK employees admitted that they have lost or had had their work laptop stolen during their careers, according to new research out today.

The SafeBoot study, which surveyed European workers, shows that a quarter of respondents in Belgium had experienced a similar incident, followed by a fifth in Holland and nine per cent in Germany.

The figures revealed that more than half of all respondents said their companies had installed security products on their laptops. The UK fared even better, with two thirds of workers installing security software on to their company machines. However, 45 per cent of British respondents said that it was either too complicated to use or they had not received any training on how to work it.

“We expected to find a few pockets of bad security practices, but these findings make disturbing reading,” said Tom de Jongh, product manager at SafeBoot, in a statement. “Businesses must be more proactive in securing sensitive data, and make sure that workers know exactly what to do to protect corporate assets.”

The survey questioned 1,279 people across the UK, Germany, Holland and Belgium.